What we do

Witz!PR provides strategic communications for professional service firms working in the built environment. Witz!PR is dedicated to improving the way architects, engineers and contractors connect with their stakeholders through effective communication.

Meet the Team

A 2013 Harvard University study found that only 2.7% of companies could articulate and communicate their uniqueness. What is YOUR unique selling proposition? Craft it and communicate it to create more sales opportunities for your firm.

I help my clients shorten their business development cycle with effective communications to key audiences. I work exclusively in the AEC industry, serving professional service firms and building product manufacturers. My value is helping my clients find, craft and share their compelling stories with current/prospective clients, partners, and the media.

Witz!PR - Carrie Stallwitz

carrie stallwitz

chief strategist and storyteller

You need your target audiences to know about you, like you*, and hire you. I make that happen through effective copywriting, media relations and communications strategy.

*I can help facilitate this, but ultimately it's up to YOU to be likable!


"I love architecture and wanted to be an architect since sixth grade. At the University of Kansas School of Architecture it became clear to me that architects didn't communicate very effectively about what they do and why it matters. That's how Witz!PR was born."


Have a specific need? Not sure how to proceed on something? Want to brainstorm on an idea? Let's talk... call Carrie at 713-320-8165.