Award Submissions

Industry awards, project awards, individual awards – we’ve done over 60 such submissions with a win rate of 87%. The secret is to draw out the truly award-worthy stories within your firm, your projects, and your people, and write to win. Witz!PR is your go-to resource for these awards.

White papers and case studies

Leverage the expertise of your staff and the work they do. Whether it’s topical expertise or a breakdown of built projects, Witz!PR translates the information onto the page.

Project descriptions

Short narrative, challenge/solution/benefit, detailed description – whatever your need to tell the project story, Witz!PR can write it. And let’s be honest… you’ll always need project descriptions for your proposals!

Staff announcements

New staff, notable promotions, industry accolades – we help you tell your stakeholders why they want to know about what’s happening with your staff.

Trade show materials

Looks matter, especially in a crowded sea of trade show exhibitors. From custom booths to supporting marketing material and follow-up emailers, Witz!PR helps you grab the right kind of attention.


Witz!PR provided ghostwriting for HOK, for a project placement in an international technology publication. At the request of HOK’s client, the article needed to effectively showcase the unique community involvement component of the facility, a research and manufacturing center for semiconductor-based processes and materials for advanced sensors and imagers. Witz!PR interviewed both the HOK project designer and HOK’s client contact.


Witz!PR writes, posts and distributes the monthly email newsletter for PRISM Renderings, with a 22.5% open rate. The firm originally envisioned the newsletter as a way to showcase their renderings and they value they provide to clients. The newsletter has evolved over the years to be more of a spotlight for the work of PRISM’s clients and the impact those projects are making. Newsletter content now also includes more information about PRISM employees and work they do in the community.

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