Witz!PR Testimonials


“If you are looking for someone who truly embodies what it means to be a competent communicator, look no further than Carrie! She is poised, professional and committed to making sure the voice of her client comes through as clearly as possible in her writing. Carrie and I have been in the same Mastermind group for over a year and I consider one of my go-to communication professionals.”

Shavonnah Schreiber, Founder
SNR Creative


“We have worked with Carrie for over five years. She is responsible for all of our content writing and press release. Her architectural education and excellent writing skill makes her stand out from others. She can always magically pull the content together for us. Her writing flows so well that it looks effortless (although we know she puts a lot of work and thoughts in it!) The additional sources and information she includes in our newsletters has increased our credibility and helped us to establish ourselves as a trusted advisor to our clients. We enjoy working with Carrie and highly recommended her to other companies in the building industry!”

Jing Johnson, President
PRISM Renderings


“We’ve had the privilege of working with Carrie on everything from hard copy of technical documents and brochures to advertorials for trade publications, from project profiles to product launches, from trade show planning to managing media relations, making sure we were all on script.  Carrie checks all the PR boxes when you’re looking to develop a winning strategy for your business’ reputation.”

Dan Varvais, West Coast Regional Manager
Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings


“Carrie has been a great asset for me on more than one occasion, in more than one role. She's an outstanding writer, can manage a team through the difficult process of creating joint deliverables under pressure, and is always good for creative media strategies. She's a valued colleague and friend. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to any potential client.”

Wendy Burke, Principal
Appia Strategies


Have a specific need? Not sure how to proceed on something? Want to brainstorm on an idea? Let's talk... call Carrie at 713-320-8165.